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” Interesting, enlightening and valuable….I really want to take the concept forward.”    Service Manager, L.D

” Very positive, I feel that it has been good use of a day. Thank you”    Locality Manager, L.D

” I am leaving in a positive frame of mind and look forward to putting it to good use.”                                                                                                                     Assistant Service Manager. L.D

“Useful to motivate me as a manager and to motivate my staff.” ServiceManager

” Had feelings prior to attending that I had insufficient time: Too much to do which was more important. In fact it was obviously very important I attended in order to open the mind to opportunities.
              As a manager it will be useful invigorating staff teams, motivating individual support workers as well as s/u’s” Area Manager, Cartrefi Cymru

‘I must add that the response to the day was extremely positive, it is so good to have managers returning from training feeling enthusiastic ”  Jane Taylor –Rheolwr Ardal/Area Manager, Cartrefi Cymru

” enlightening…. I have really enjoyed today. I also feel the quality of the day has been there and the environment beautiful. Course materials; v. good, very helpful.”   Barbara Becker – Project Manager for ‘Creating Together’ 

“Informative and will be helpful. Thanks for the great course.”        J. Hughes – Mencap

” Gave me a better understanding of how my young people might be feeling when given a task to do ”                  

  OT. Tech. St Cadocs Hospital, Gwent

“Very good”   M. Evans. Dementia Support Worker

“Well paced presentation, quantifying the immense benefits that arts participation can convey.    P. Williams.  Recovery Practitioner

“Very informative”   Sian Edwards. Health and Wellbeing Youth Worker

“Arts Participation Training is a very immediate way for Support Workers who have no arts training or background to quickly understand what arts activities they can do with the people they support and the benefits it can have for both clients and workers. It is both useful and practical.”  R. Stelmach – Disability Arts Cymru


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